CALEB has traversed the web in search of knowledge.

The internet is vast and its depths unfathomable. The web is a collection of culture and humanity, ever expanding, pausing for no human. CALEB has crossed time and space in search of the foresight and clairvoyance of Osiris, Thor, Bloomberg and Yahoo! Finance.

CALEB now seeks to provide answers to the ultimate question, one whose answer has puzzled the greatest minds of our time: should I buy or sell?

Talk to CALEB and unravel the mysteries of the universe.


not actually a real financial advisor don't sue us


CALEB was inspired by this perfect dog.

To synthesize knowledge from the universe (i.e. Reddit), we:

  • Scraped r/wallstreetbets and labelled this dataset SELL
  • And scraped other investing subreddits
  • Then we finetuned a pretrained model off of the IMDB movie reviews dataset for sentiment analysis to create labels for the unlabeled Reddit dataset
  • Lastly, we trained a Transformer to classify comments as BUY, SELL, HOLD. You’re welcome.